About BubbleFish Media

Creativity & Strategy Combined

BubbleFish Media is a Full-Service Marketing Firm providing clients unrivaled events, promotional and marketing services. We specialize in all areas including: Event Production, Brand Consulting and Development, Sales, Showroom Management, Marketing, Talent Management, Product Placement, Promotions, Sponsorships, Public Relations and Social Media. Our customized campaigns maximize brand exposure, generate sales, and secure top-tier media placement for our clientele.

BubbleFish Media has created elaborate, innovative marketing campaigns for artists, corporations, designers, films, musicians, restaurants, venues, websites, and many more. We provide our clients with a tailored approach to their campaign, designed to promote their product from all angles within their niche and beyond.

BubbleFish Media has successfully assisted our clients in communicating their concepts effectively, and, with our group of creative associates, have delivered our client’s message through original, innovative channels, gaining significant media and consumer exposure.

BubbleFish Media strives to ensure that our clients are successful and satisfied with our quality of work and attention to detail. We offer a variety of marketing opportunities to gain maximum marketplace presence for our clients.

Our Services

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